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Diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops

We provide comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) workshops to help educators, schools, and institutions develop skills and competencies to create an infrastructure for equity. Our workshops are research-based and have been created by educators for educators. Teach Woke workshops are personalized to fit our clients’ needs.

workshop topics:

  • Talking About Race

  • Schooling and Racism

  • Bias in Our Practice

  • Restorative Justice and Equity

  • Woke Student Curriculum

  • Teaching Social Justice in Schools

Woke Student Curriculum

Woke Student is an education curriculum that provides culturally responsive and student-friendly lessons for students to develop their critical consciousness, understand their identities, and practice social justice.

The Woke Student curriculum engages students in grades 5-8 with a series of lessons that teach important life skills such as race, bias, identity development, stereotypes, gender inequality, and more. The Woke Student curriculum makes these topics student-friendly so that students can engage in meaningful dialogue and develop the language and tools to be the next generation of woke leaders. It can be effectively taught in an hour-long small group session or in a classroom environment.  

Consulting & Coaching

Teach Woke offers direct consulting to teachers, school leaders, and districts on how to build more inclusive and culturally responsive schools through DEI work. We provide a unique approach to helping create affirming classroom and school environments where all students and staff can thrive. We take the time to understand the unique challenges educators and schools face and then tailor the Teach Woke approach to satisfy the exact needs of the partners we support.


Teach Woke’s workshops were deeply impactful for me. I am a better teacher because of it.” - J. Cerda

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“Teach Woke’s workshops were critical for me to recognize and capitalize on the diverse experiences, backgrounds, and identities I and my students bring. These workshops create a safe and open space to explore these sometimes-difficult topics, and build stronger relationships and learn from each other even more.” - R. Kim (Teacher)

“In order to give students our best we have to understand our identity and be intentional about our development around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity.” - K. Arney (Teacher)

“Teach Woke’s workshop helped me build an inclusive classroom culture where my students feel heard, represented, and grow more and more aware of the world around them.” - M. Abowd (Teacher)